Beautiful Distractions: A Poem For You

I don’t care about my writing being good

Or grammatically correct

Or when to dot the i or use a semicolon.

All I care about is how to get these thoughts

Cluttering my mind

Blocking my view

Filling my every thought

Out of the way

So that I can see clearly

And focus

On the moment.

They collide like ping pong balls

Or too many pinballs


Against each other

Like drunken lost souls.

Creative sparks

They just want to be captured.

Tantalizingly teasing and tempting me

Threatening to combust into dust and disappear

If I don’t give them attention.

Unruly beautiful children not yet birthed

Ideas that just want to find their way to the page before they disappear forever.

I see them, hear them laughing, beckoning me, filling my everywhere

Trying everything in their power to get me to come and play

As I stand before the open refrigerator

Trying to decide what to make for dinner.

Copyright © 2020 Laurie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: DeawSS/Shutterstock

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