Blessings at The Barn

“If the only thing you ever did was fill your life with the people, things, and activities that bring you genuine joy, you’d find your North Star almost immediately.”

~Martha Beck

I was driving home from the barn yesterday, after taking our daughter horseback riding. Because she had been sick with the flu and then busy acting in the school play, it had been a few weeks since we had been there.

As the rolling hills glistened in the sunlight and the winding road unfolded before us, I mentioned to her how peaceful and happy I felt after spending a few hours there, being surrounded by nature, animals and open space.

“Well, you know, Mom,” she said, in all her nine-year wisdom. “That’s because we’re animals too.”

I realized she was right. When we accept our true nature and allow ourselves to be surrounded by other beings and things resonating to our same core energy, we can’t help but feel good.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a new neighbor. He invited me into his recently renovated home for a tour. I admired his choice of woods juxtaposed next to tile. He gave me a quick tour of his art, all in the same color scheme, blending beautifully with the cherry wood throughout every room.

Some were prints purchased online from Others, draped with blankets to keep the sun’s rays from damaging them, were masterpieces discovered at local art events. He insisted he wasn’t an artist himself, just an electrical engineer, but by looking at the canvas of his home, I knew otherwise.

Martha Beck, in her book Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming The Life You Were Meant to Live, suggests that those things that we remember easily—be it the name of fiction writers, musicians or random facts about nature–are clues to our purpose, our inner calling, our soul’s preferred beat and rhythm to dance to, when given the chance.

As a new year approaches, what a great time to pay attention to those things that make us most happy and peaceful. Our souls are constantly guiding us to our best lived lives.

May your holiday season be filled with moments of pause, reflection, and clear noticing all the different joyful ways the world is supporting you in who you really are.

May life’s happy little clues lead you to where you most want your life to go.

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  1. Your daughter is so wise! “We are all animals” And, I love the part about the things we remember most easily are part of our calling. That just reassured me so much. I never remember movies or actors or names of places, even ones I love. But, I can remember and share with you all kinds of spiritual teachings that have moved me from the core. I like that as a writing prompt: What are you good at remembering….