Falling Back into Comfort

What Do You Fall Back On?

I love sleep. With the changing of the clocks this past weekend, I have been so grateful for the luxurious extra hour.

Actually, I’m still enjoying it because next to my bed is a very high tech clock, a gift from my husband.

Among other things, it is designed to wake me up gradually, with a light that increases in intensity.

The only thing I don’t love about it is that it is so high-tech that I have no idea how to change the time.

The last few days, I’ve been procrastinating opening the manual.

As a result, every time I wake up and glance at the time, I panic, thinking I’m an hour late.

Then, I relax, telling myself, “No, I actually have one more hour.”

And I falling back into cozy comfort once more.

All this jolting awake and falling back again has gotten me thinking about all the things we each “fall back” on in life.

In our home, we just said good-bye to some close friends who were staying with us for a week. They are like my own family, an Irish family I lived with for a summer when I was 16. With them, I feel completely comfortable and myself, as if I’m home.

Whether it’s good friends, cozy blankets or an extra hour, we all need things that we can fall back on, that connect us to that sense of comfort we get when we are truly connected to ourselves and our inner essence and gift.

With these blessings holding us, we return again and again to an inner sense of well-being and being home.

Here are some of the things that do this for me…

Soft pillows in bed, snuggles with my kids on an old worn couch as we laugh at a TV show together, long walks along water, card games at breakfast, good friends, sand between my toes, a slow hug from my man, granola in milk, sitting in sunlight, dropping into a sense of peace during meditation, watching a red tail hawk soar overhead, cuddling by the fireplace, sunsets so slow and colorful I could drink them, time standing still when I write, play music or dream.

What restores your spirit, makes you feel grounded, connected with who you really are?

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