Flow and Intuition

Flow is all about listening–first and foremost to ourselves, our intuition, that soft, still voice within each of us about what is right for us in each moment, and what choices will most help us to reach our internally-driven goals and desires.

Flow connects us with our egoless self, that essence within each of us that knows exactly what we need in each moment. In a flow state, we are far more creative and intuitive than when we are not in flow. And so, it only makes sense that we listen to our true desires when we choose how we are going to approach any creative challenges that come our way.

During one of my 28-Day Flow Challenges, Carrie sent me this message. I love how she demonstrates how she tuned into her intuition and what she really wanted and let her daily flow activity be transformed into something new.

“I’m so inspired by all the beautiful ways that you all are finding flow this month! Thank you, Laurie, for creating this wonderful experience, resource, and way to connect!

I just love the idea that in homes, on neighborhood streets, and along nature trails all around the country, fellow creatives are dropping into flow, some maybe even at the same time. I imagine a colorful river of creativity flowing in around each of us, collecting snippets of our words, paintings, voices, and thoughts, snaking and growing ever wider through the ether, and sprinkling little droplets of inspiration and light along its path. Very cool!

My flow journey made an about-face before it even started. LOL. My original intention of writing was quickly displaced by a strong desire to connect with nature. It has been quite the long and drawn out season of “inside time” and it seems that I can only handle so much of that! And January is the time when I seem to miss my home state of Hawai’i most.

So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m finding flow in creating Hawaiian lei out of January garden clippings. Here’s to continuing the journey of creative exploration!”

Thanks, Carrie, for sharing your beautiful words and photos. It’s fun to see what can happen when we let our creative desires guide our way! I love the idea of using the container of these 28-Day Flow Challenges to explore our creativity, return to our roots, nurture our own well-being, and celebrate what healthy looks like for us.

Photos shared with permission. Copyright 2021. Carrie Machleder.

If you have an insight, feedback, or a story from participating in one of my free 28-Day Flow Challenges, email me at [email protected]. I value your privacy and will only share your story with your written permission.

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