Can Flow Make Us More LOVING?

There seems to be a very powerful and mysterious connection between experiencing flow and seeing the world as a kind and loving place. During a past 28-Day Flow Challenge, Lyen chose to do daily nature walks as her daily joyful flow activity. However, Lyen put her own twist–with an extra focus on LOVE.

She sent me this message:

“Just got back from my meditative walk. Set my intention to look for manifestations of love. Saw tons of people walking with their dogs, and a dad holding his toddler’s hand as they walked to the playground. I took photos of all the hearts I found…here are a few.”

She continued: “Felt inspired to create my own expression of love when I got home, so I drew this on our freshly paved street.”

She described the natural emotional high she felt as a result of taking a quick walk through her own neighborhood, something she had done many times before. The difference seemed to be her openness and commitment to, for a short period of time, focusing on doing what she loved to do, and being on the lookout for how love was also showing up in the outer world.

Thanks for sharing your photos and your story, Lyen! What beautiful expressions of LOVE and JOY!

Experiencing flow can help us open our hearts and see the world as a friendlier place, becoming more aware of how much love there is in the world, as well as how much love we have within.

In my own life, I’ve also noticed this connection between flow and how loving we feel towards others as well as ourselves. For example, after I have a particularly intense writing session, it’s almost as if I can feel my heart expand. It’s as if everything falls into perspective. I’m more balanced in how I see the world after I have met my own emotional needs through writing.

After I have filled up, I have more to give. I see people through more loving eyes. I think this has to do with the flood of positive feel-good chemicals that we so often feel when we are doing activities we love, especially when we are in a flow state. Others participating in my 28-Day Flow Challenges have shared similar findings.

I am continually humbled by the stories those who participate in these challenges, and by the innate wisdom we each have about what simple choices can change our lives.

There is a very important reason we each choose our joyful flow activities. Only YOU know what you love to do most of all, what you most need, right now, at this point in time (it might be different for each 28-Day Flow Challenge), or what new habit might trigger your own personal turning point.

YOU are the expert of your life, and what is in your best interest. Flow Challenges begin with choosing a 5-10 minute activity that brings us joy and has a high chance of getting us into a flow state. The options are endless! What we choose can be like a little window into we are, what we LOVE TO DO, and what we NEED right now at this fleeting moment in time.

An activity like taking a nature walk might seem so simple. However, it is the self-awareness about what we really need, and self-love that leads us to act that makes doing our chosen activities so transformational, especially when backed by the supportive energy of a community of others making similar choices and changes in their own lives. The activity we choose is an expression of love for ourselves.

Here’s information about how to join our next Flow Challenge.

If you have an insight, feedback, or a story from participating in one of my free 28-Day Flow Challenges, email me at [email protected]. I value your privacy and will only share your story with your written permission.

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