Flow Connects Us

During a previous Flow Challenge, Arleen, a nurse who served in senior living during the height of the pandemic, put on headphones, blasted praise spiritual music and started writing.

During one such flow session, she wrote this poem. As Arleen tapped her own unique creative cord, she realized how much she had to say, in a new way. Enjoy her powerful poem about the connection between a healthcare provider and her patients. 

Thank you so much for sharing, Arleen!

Arleen’s experience is not uncommon. When we make the decision to get into flow, to do activities that bring us JOY, and prioritize that by creating boundaries and doing our own self-care (like Arleen with using headphones to block out the outer world, and playing positive music to inspire herself), it’s amazing what can seem to pour out of us.

In addition to creating new, unexpected things, a wonderful side-effect of flow is that we often feel deeply connected to others and the outer world (often described as a sense of oneness). Making time for flow can improve our moods, our relationships, and can trigger a shift in mindset about areas of our lives that are difficult or stressful.

Many of those who have participated in these 28-Day Flow Challenges have shared a new sense of purpose, calling, or service. Flow seems to be contagious and flow out into other areas of our lives too.

If you have an insight, feedback, or a story from participating in one of my free 28-Day Flow Challenges, email me at [email protected]. I value your privacy and will only share your story with your written permission.

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