Flow and Miracles

Friends doing these 28-day flow journeys often email me, and tell me they feel newly connected with their inner guidance or start having more vivid dreams.

Others tell me about synchronicities that happen, new creative ideas for their businesses, or being in the “right” place at the “right” time. This is something I hear again and again. The more we get into a flow state, the more we seem to feel connected to and supported by a greater sense of flow.

Lizabeth (Instagram @perrymeuse) has participated in many of these 28-Day Flow Challenges.  She sent me this message:

“I’ve been in flow…I’m noticing tiny miracles too–coincidences, serendipity–I don’t believe in coincidences so it must be the universe at work.”

“This is inspired by a little wooden hand I bought in a junky dive store in San Diego – I had sought out this store and knew nothing about its location… until I found myself in a bad neighborhood.

I just trusted and wandered inside- to find this little miracle Mexican art studio.

Milagros means miracle or charm- and finding a diamond in the rough gives me hope that not everything needs to be perfect. That the unexpected can be a gift. And that helps me soften. So this piece represents all the imperfect little pieces of life.”

She shared this ink drawing (during a Flow Challenge where her daily flow activity was making art) in our FaceBook group Circle of Friends: Support For Your Creative Journey.

Here are some more of the designs she has created during our 28-Day Flow Challenges.

Here’s information about how to join our next Flow Challenge.

If you have an insight, feedback, or a story from participating in one of my free 28-Day Flow Challenges, email me at [email protected]. I value your privacy and will only share your story with your written permission.

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