could there really be world peace

Gifts from a Pandemic #2: The Potential of World Peace

Could There Really Be World Peace?

After deciding yesterday to launch this blog series about all the good things happening as a result of this pandemic, I’m feeling a bit better already.

It’s amazing how much better we feel when we make up our minds to do something and stick to it.

Research shows that setting goals can dramatically increase our productivity and success.

So that’s another good thing that could come out of the shelter in place order for some of us.

But that’s not what this article is about (not completely, anyway).

This article is about world peace.

Remember before the pandemic, when countries were using mental, emotional and bomb warfare instead of real diplomacy?

I have no desire to make this a political blog at all, or to be naive and say that’s all a thing of the past or isn’t still happening right now under our noses, but just saying, isn’t the news that world leaders are talking about having a pandemic-time truce promising?

I think so.

I’m hoping it not only happens, but when it does it falls in the category of, “Wow, I didn’t realize how good or easy this could be!” kind of like me blogging again, our daughter doing CrossFit everyday (on zoom of course, but still), and all the other good things coming out of sheltering in place as a result of this pandemic, like family mealtimes and nature walks.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Again, I know the reasons are awful. The thought of the poor men and women who are getting sick in droves in tight quarters on naval ships and army barracks makes me feel so sad.

I realize one reason leaders are considering international peace and a global ceasefire is because this Covid-19 could quickly wipe out one of the most important resources when it comes to war, humans willing to fight.

But still, it gives me hope. Wouldn’t it be great to really have everyone in the whole world, in every nation be at peace at one time? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have leaders really put the well-being and health of their citizens first above winning or being more powerful?

As a mother, just the idea of knowing that is possible, even for a short time, makes me really, really happy.

We’ll see that happens. And of course, I don’t want the pandemic to get worse in order for an international truce to happen. It’s bad enough already.

But, maybe just maybe, all those world peace prayers and wishes over the years on the cover of holiday cards might actually come true.

Maybe it’s just the beginning of a powerful shift for humanity.

So, that’s my hope.

Let’s all stay tuned.

Just the fact that world peace could be possible during our lifetimes, even if just for a short period of time, would definitely be a gift.

Say we let go of the question of whether or not this will actually happen for a second and focus on the now. The fact that leaders are envisioning this, even talking about a worldwide pandemic-time truce as a possibility is already, in this moment, really good news.

A few months ago, I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine a time when all world leaders might agree on one thing and that one thing might contain the words “peace” and “truce.”

I mean, who knew?

If we take out the backstory of Covid-19 and this pandemic, and just focus on those few facts, it sounds like we are describing a utopia rather than something bordering on a real-world dystopia.

As the saying goes, awareness is the first step to change.

Dreams that come true were first silent little wishes in someone’s heart.

To reach a goal, first we have to decide that it’s a pretty good one. Even if the reason why is really, really bad.

Something good is happening, even if the car it’s arriving in is a clunker.

So, here’s Gift #2: The potential of real world peace

Wishing you health, happiness, goals reached and world peace (that includes our own inner peace as well as a big ol’ ceasefire)!

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