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How I’m Handling This Changing World

It’s 6 a.m. Bliss (our new puppy) and I are the only ones awake. I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee, wondering how long our coffee supply will last.

As for now, it looks like grocery stores will stay open, but you just never know.

This is new terrain for all of us.

Our family went from having sleepovers and indoor playdates to make the most of school-free time to heading outdoors (6 feet away from each other!) after reading new data.

It’s stressful trying to figure this all out. We’ve never done this before and the information changes daily.

We are all doing the best we can to stay sane and safe, and help other people to do the same.

I don’t know about you, but I go from reading the news and feeling incredibly anxious to seeing this time as an opportunity to reconnect, retreat, get things checked off my to-do list and nurture my creativity. (I’m now doing a series on the unexpected gifts coming out of this pandemic. You can find those articles on my blog.)

As we all try to figure this out, each in our own ways, two words keep coming up for me.

Uncertainty and togetherness.

Uncertainty because even those who we usually think have their acts all together are just trying to figure this out too. We want to lean on something we can count on, something solid, but it’s just not there.

The truth is, it never was, but now we can’t fake it.

Togetherness because from one side of the earth to the other, from people like us to people who are very different, from people we know to people we never will, we are all in this together.

Thank God for the internet to keep us all connected.

Social Distance, Not Emotional Distance

The other day, I was standing in line at the grocery store with an overflowing cart, preparing for Armageddon.

Instead of exchanging polite niceties, the cashier looked me in the eye and got real. She told me about her kids being out of school.

I told her about mine.

We commiserated, connected and consoled.

And then I checked out (and got my upper body workout pushing my overflowing cart to the car).

While it was only a passing moment, I’ve thought about it many times since.

She probably has no idea how her being real and available in that moment stuck with me.

It’s amazing to me what a gift we can give each other in a split second. We just never know when we have made a difference, just by showing up, remaining open and letting our true essence shine.

At a time when emotions are raw and topsy-turvy, one silver lining is that things can get really real really fast.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing.

We reach out, and instead of judgement or someone turning away, there’s a very real person there on the other side.

Vulnerable. Authentic. Available. Accessible. Comforting.

When that happens, it as if everything stops, just for a moment.

We get a break, a pause in the mundane, and magic shines through.

Even in times of uncertainty (or maybe especially in times of uncertainty), if we are present enough in between doomsday scenarios and washing our hands, moments like these can be just the thing we need to turnaround our day and let who we really are, our inner gift, shine.

That unique essence, our calm inner voice, is also what I think will carry us through this time when we don’t know what’s coming next. We can be compassionate, have empathy, be authentic and share who we really are, even six feet apart.

Our unique gift–our true self–might not answer questions about how much of our stockpile to eat or what exactly needs wiping down with an alcohol swab.

But it can help us get through these crazy times.

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