JOY: The Key to Flow

You know those daily chores that we procrastinate, or sometimes feel like they are keeping us from doing other things we want to be doing more? What would life be like if instead of dreading them, they started to make us feel JOY instead?

During a past flow challenge, Arleen sent me this message:

“Every day I try to focus on the JOY of walking the dogs. It can be such a burden sometimes but every day Melody who is 10 flops on the ground and does this back scratch rolling thing. Makes me smile every single time.”

Something interesting often happens during our 28-Day Flow Challenges. I often get emails and messages from people who share that they are starting to feel happier. And, not just as a result of doing their new, 5-10 minute joyful activity.

In addition to choosing a new joyful habit that helps us get into a flow state, our mindset also starts to shift. It’s almost as if our JOY radar is turned up.

We start to be on the look-out for all the different ways JOY and FLOW are showing up, not just in us but in others too. We start to unconsciously brainstorm and pay attention to all the different ways we can experience JOY in our lives even while doing activities that in the past, we have resisted.

It can be amazing how by simply taking the time to reflect on what brings us joy (by choosing a simple 5-10 minute activity to do every day) can increase how much joy we feel in our lives overall.

For 28 days, we start to be on the look-out for JOY. Suddenly, it becomes a top priority, a focus of our lives, and as a result, we start to feel more JOY.

Joy can also be a very powerful flow trigger. This is because the more we love what we are doing, the more engaged we are likely to engage in the activity, which can trigger a flow state. In addition, when we are experiencing feel-good emotions like joy, our bodies naturally produce feel-good chemicals that are also associated with flow. The JOY and FLOW are often intertwined.

However, it’s not just experiencing JOY and FLOW firsthand that changes our life. It’s also our mindset. Maybe you’ve heard the expression that what we focus on grows (or like me, have seen this at work in your own life.)

By making our focus on JOY a habit, we often feel more joyful, and become more aware of all the different ways JOY is showing up in the world, and aware of how we can join in.

Whether you’re joining our community in a 28-Day Flow Challenge, or are just looking for simple ways to be happier, and change your life for the better, being on the lookout for JOY is a great way to start!

Take a look at this photo! It’s so obvious how much JOY those daily walks bring Melody the Golden Retriever! You can almost see her doggy smile. Just looking at this photo brings me JOY!

Thanks for sharing, Arleen!

Photo reprinted with permission. Copyright 2021. Arleen Smith.

If you have an insight, feedback, or a story from participating in one of my free 28-Day Flow Challenges, email me at [email protected]. I value your privacy and will only share your story in my emails, website, books, courses, or with others in our community with your written permission.

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