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Laurie Smith is an inspirational author, meditation teacher and intuitive coach.  She specializes in developing customized coaching programs and meditative journeys designed to help clients transform their lives, hear their inner voice, and follow their creative callings. Her clients and students often share that her guided meditations, which she creates intuitively on-the-spot are a favorite part of her workshops and sessions.

Her latest book Leap With Me: A Creative Path to Finding and Following Your True Self was released in September 2022.

Laurie is absolutely passionate about the power of flow–specifically, how flow has the power to quickly connect us with our egoless, truest selves. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Laurie has been offering free 28-Day Flow Challenges, which include group zoom calls, daily emails, and guided meditative journeys. She specializes in helping highly creative, intuitive people uncover their own unique formulas for flow and deep transformation.

Laurie has spoken at leadership conferences as well as led groups, organizations and companies through DreamCatching™– her unique five-step intuitive coaching process for helping people create the lives and businesses of their dreams. She has also developed and taught numerous unique, customized workshops for clients including an ongoing self-healing intuitive coaching program, a energy healing/Reiki professional certification program, and a wide range of life coaching, energy healing, wellness and meditation classes. 

Laurie’s programs integrate best practices from the business world, tapping her experience in marketing and public relations, as well as intuition development, energy work and life coaching.

Laurie’s original courses, workshops and online programs have included Stress Management, Interpersonal Communication; Managing Transitions and Change; Manifesting Miracles; Creative Visualization; Your Happiest Moment; Seven Paths to Awakening Your Inner Wisdom; Clearing Energy; Space Clearing Your Home; and DreamCatching: A Five-Step Process for Uncovering Your Unique Gifts and Living the Life of Your Dreams.

She is also the author of Soul Wisdom: A Guide to Miraculous Living, Book One, and Spirit In Disguise: A Guide to Miraculous Living, Book Two, published in 2000 and re-published in 2007.

Laurie’s clients have included The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, Partners in Policymaking of Maryland, The Philadelphia School District (teacher training in stress management), New Beginnings School in New Jersey (teacher training), The Yoga Studio in Titusville, NJ, Quintiles Pharmaceuticals, Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church (staff training), and BBYO (annual leadership conference), Self-Healing Expressions, a website serving tens of thousands of people navigate difficult times and personal transformation, as well as numerous highly intuitive and creative individuals around the world.

Prior to her work in coaching and personal development, Laurie worked in the world of public relations, specializing in national media relations for healthcare and business clients. She worked for Johnson & Johnson, and then for Burson-Marsteller in New York City. She then launched her own public relations business WordSmith Communications, Inc.

Her marketing clients have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fortune, Time, and many other national media outlets. She worked on the launch of several well-known pharmaceutical medications, and patient education programs on topics including osteoporosis, patient communication, hand washing and diabetes management. She was also a ghost writer and editor of the first edition of The Black Man’s Guide to Good Health, published by Putnam Publishing.

Professional Credentials

Laurie has a B.A. in Communications from The University of Pennsylvania, with a specialization in sociology and journalism, and a minor in Women Studies. She also studied at The Institute for Holistic Studies and is a certified Life Coach, Certified NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Professional Soul Coach®, Certified TimeLine Therapy™ Practitioner, Certified Humanistic NLPsychology™ Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and a graduate of The Accelerated Path™ Feng Shui School, a 200+hour program that included training in space clearing and doing intuitive and chakra readings for clients by internationally-respected teachers including Nancy SantoPietro, Nancy Rosanoff, and Denise Linn.

Laurie was among the first to graduate from Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching® International Institute. She also trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy through the Institute for Holistic Studies, reached level four in energy healing at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, and has completed numerous professional development programs in meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, and intuition development, as well has attended several multi-day in-person meditation retreats with the Buddhist nun Pema Chodron.

Over the past several years, Laurie has become a passionate student of all things related to the flow state, and how flow activities can naturally help us access and experiment with embodying our true selves. This has included online study with the Flow Genome Project, The Flow Research Collective (AI), and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Institute, as well as serving as a mentor for the Flow Genome Project’s introductory program Flow Fundamentals.

In addition to her multiple professional certifications, over the past 20+ years, Laurie has taken numerous in-person professional development trainings and personal enrichment workshops with internationally-recognized teachers on meditation, intuition development, creativity, life coaching, energy healing, spiritual development and personal growth.

These have included in-person workshops with Martha Beck, Barbara Brennan, Julia Cameron, Pema Chodron, Laura Day, Dana Duryea, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Joan Halifax, Louise Hay, Rob Jokel, John Kabat Zinn, Byron Katie, Anne Lamott, Denise Linn, Gwenievere Maria, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Caroline Myss, Christiane Northrup, John Perkins, Nancy Rosanoff, Ilana Rubenfeld, Dan Ruiz, Andie (Nancy) SantoPietro, SARK, Mona Lisa Schultz, Stacey Simpson (TLC), William Two Feather, and John Windwalker, among others.

Laurie loves writing and spending time with her two kids and husband, her partner and best friend of 30+ years. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking and spending time in nature with loved ones and friends. She lives with her family near San Francisco, CA.

Here’s what she is up to now.

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