Leap With Me Now: A Poem For You

Breathe with me now,

says the Darkness

In her most hushed voice.

I look to see

to whom she is speaking

but see no one else

but me.

Fly with me now,

calls the Moonlight,

soar with me

to far off lands.

Let your Lightness

carry you to the sea.

Trust me now,

screeches the Owl,

crying through the night.

As you hear me,

I see you.

Unwrap me now,

pleads Wisdom,

those quiet words

landing upon

my mind,

a last offering of

the day’s gifts.

Leap with me now,

invites my heart

as she yearns

to stretch farther,

to travel

far away from me

to her other Self, out there.

You have become

more alive


than you ever were

by calling back

to the whispers

with a hushed:

I hear you.

With those three little words,

a cacophony of sparks

an explosion of happiness

for this —

the awakening

of all that we are,

You and I,


just for an instant

with all that is.

This is an excerpt from Laurie’s book Leap With Me: A Creative Path to Finding and Following Your True Voice.

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