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Connect with Your True Self

The goal of my guided meditations is always the same–to help you quickly and easily connect with your egoless self, your True Self, the intuitive and infinite energy always available to help you feel peace and change your life.

Because I create my meditations intuitively, “on-the-spot,” each meditation is different. Yet the goal is always the same–activating and helping you reconnect with your essence within that already has the answers you are seeking.

What is an Activation Meditation?

Activation MeditationsTM incorporate all that I’ve learned as a healer, teacher and seeker to help you connect with your intuition and wisdom within. My meditations incorporate methods from many different healing modalities including energy and chakra healing, many different forms of meditation and healing journeys, and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). Learn more about my training here.

I incorporate these in my own special way, using my intuition to guide me. My meditations are not scripted, which is why they are always unique.

Meditation on Creating a Positive Intention

(9 minutes)

Meditation on Compassion (26 minutes)

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In addition to the free meditations above, if you’re looking for support or a simple process for resetting, you might also want to join our 28-Day Flow Challenge or an upcoming Meditation Circle. To participate, simply choose an activity that makes you feel JOY and helps get you into a state of FLOW that you can do in about 5-10 minutes a day.

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I believe that when we lift each other up, we all rise.

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Give an Activation Meditation as a Gift

I also develop customized meditations for my clients, as well as special gift guided meditations you can have designed for a friend or family member going through a hard time, whether emotional or a health challenge.

If you or loved one need extra support right now in your life, a guided meditation can help you find that support within, and activate the energy of your most powerful, egoless self. Email me at [email protected] to have a meditation created that you can listen to again and again designed just for you.

To schedule a private breakthrough session or purchase a customized Activation MeditationsTM as a gift, email me at [email protected]. Learn more about my private sessions here.

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