YES, YOU! ~ Flowing Back to The Power of Your Truest Self

You have a unique gift to give the world.

When you let your true self shine, you change the world in miraculous ways.

Your gift is not what you do, it’s Who You Are.

These are not new ideas.

But the question is—how?

How do we connect with that calm, still voice within?

How can we experience that sense of ourselves that is always intuitive, peaceful and loving when we are feeling stressed or anxious?

How do we create space for inner peace while also navigating long to-do lists, or real-world needs and desires like making money?

There are so many solutions out there—from spiritual practices, energy medicine, mindfulness, therapy, yoga and prayer–all of which can be extremely helpful depending on who you are or what you believe.

There is also a much simpler path that we don’t need to learn, we just have to remember. It’s a path we all–each and everyone of us, all around the world in every culture, no matter who we are–already know a whole lot about.

We’ve been doing it since the day we were born, when we learned simple tasks in a sense of wonder at the miracles of just being alive.

It’s something we are each encoded to experience as humans.

That is the state of FLOW.

When we do something we absolutely love, that fills us with so much joy that we get completely immersed in what we are doing in the present moment, that’s when we experience and embody this aspect of who we really are.

Committing to doing a Flow Activity, even just for few moments everyday with intention, gradually, over time, can help us create a habit of finding our way back to home, to our true self, that peace that is always with us.

In flow, we lose all sense of ourselves, our ego selves. However, after the flow activity, research shows we have a much greater confidence and sense of who we really are that seems to not be about external standards but rather something much deeper and everlasting.

Learning to get back to our our True Self as a habit is the key to changing everything.

I have been absolutely amazed by how powerful this really is.

When we are connected with who we really are, we raise our energy and start attracting and experiencing events and synchronicities so wonderful it almost feels miraculous.

The flow activities that most help us do this are different for each of us. For me, it’s writing. And, I recently discovered it’s also doodling!

It doesn’t have to be something we’re good at. It doesn’t have to be a “talent.” It can happen just as easily running a marathon as it can painting a piece of art or gardening.

Only YOU know what puts you in this state.

It’s fun to experiment, to try different things, to have fun with the process of journeying back to our truest selves.

The benefits can be felt almost immediately.

We become more intuitive.

We become kinder, both to ourselves and other people.

We start having fun and not taking life so seriously.

We expect less and give more.

Our perfectionism starts to heal.

We become more confident because we remember who we are.

We gain an intimate connection with that part of ourselves that can never, ever be taken away.

We remember our value—our true value that isn’t tied to how young we look, how strong or sexy we are, or how good we are at a certain task or job.

We attract positive experiences.

We gain incredible insights and ideas.

We start to see the world through new eyes, not those of competition, but where on a cellular level, we understand there is always enought because we come to know firsthand that endless well within of what we really need.

This is how my 28-Day Flow Journey (a.k.a Flow Challenge) was born.

This is not a challenge where there are winners and losers.

This is not a challenge where you either do it right or wrong.

It’s more of an experiment, really. An invitation to play with fun, to give yourself permission to do something you find fun in a state of curiosity and see what happens.

But it is a challenge, too, because sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds to carve a few minutes out of every day to do something just for the sake of doing it, for fun, for the goal of nurturing ourselves and our lives.

Most of us have been taught to value what we are achieving, rather than how we FEEL when we are achieving it.

Few of us have been taught to value our inner state as more important than outer appearances.

But, in reality, how we feel and feeling flow is the key to our power.

And so, we have some programming to get through. And that can be a challenge.

But we can do it! And we will.

Because in the Flow Challenge, we do it together, in community–cheering each other on, supporting each other, reminding each other to trust.

Trust the process. Trust what works for you. Trust that by taking only five minutes a day to do something you don’t usually do that puts you in a state of flow and reconnects you with who you really are can change your life.

It can also change the world.

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