Nobles and Slaves: A Poem for You

I am related

to kings and queens

noble stock

hailing from

high castles.

Does it matter?

I come from commoner stock,

mere slave

who did your ancestors’ bidding.

Who cares so much


achievement and titles,

ground owned

and earned.

Is that the sign of

valor and value?

Making a mark

when we are not,

we point and say,

at least I am that.

When will we say


I am I

I don’t know

from where I’ve come


where I’m going


whether they’ll remember me.

But I do know

just last night

the dew hung on grass

just so


Now that counts for something,

doesn’t it?

This book is an excerpt from Laurie’s book Leap With Me: Finding and Following Your Creative Voice.

Photo credit: Tomertu/Shutterstock

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