How The 28-Day Flow Challenge Began

If you’re feeling like it’s time to make a change, reenergize your life, or tap your creative flow and inner voice in a new way, I know how you feel.

I’ve felt an inner call, an urge to change things up many times in my life.

It happened again in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We were on our first days of lockdown. Life felt unsettled and unnerving. I was glued to my phone, trying to keep up on ever-changing news reports about how to keep our family safe.

I was looking to do something different (and perhaps trying to find one thing I could control) in a world where everything felt uncertain.

I challenged myself to free-flow write for 28-days straight, just a few minutes every day, to just show up with pen and paper and see what happened.

Writing was something I’ve always loved to do. At first, I was inconsistent at best. I would skip days. Sometimes, I even forgot I was doing the flow challenge (even though I had created it, LOL!). Eventually, I fell into a rhythm.

It sounds so simple, but there is something really powerful about how this works. I started inviting friends to join me. Friends invited friends. Eventually I had my writing practice back again, waking up every morning before 5 a.m., eager to put pen to paper.

Then I started trying new creative flow activities during my 28-Day Flow Challenges—dancing in the kitchen, nature walks, doodling. It was fun, playful and energizing.

I always felt better. The more things I tried to find my flow, the more my energy, intuition and creative flow increased. It almost felt magical.

A supportive, inspiring community of courageous, creative people started growing. Creative connections happened. New friendships formed. People started doing their “thing” and finding their flow in new ways. They got new ideas.

Some launched new businesses. Others of us, like me, started rebranding and rethinking small things that made a big difference. Our lives started to flow in amazing new directions.

A Powerful Practice

I keep offering the 28-Day Flow Challenge again and again because I believe in it so much. It grounds me. Here are all the details about how it works. Each time, something different and wonderful happens. I have been truly humbled, amazed and deeply touched by how it’s not just changed my life but has also been impacting others.

I believe the combination of connecting with JOY and FLOW connects us to our innermost, truest self and essence, and that sends ripples out into the world.

I have no idea what will happen for YOU, but I can’t wait to find out! I would love to be part of your journey of finding flow.

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Private Meditation Sessions

One of the ways I have found is so powerful to reconnect with our inner flow–that calm essence and energy that is always with us–is through the power of guided meditations and creative visualization.

During my Flow Challenges, I offer a free zoom call where we chat and I lead one of these meditations, so you can get a flavor of what they’re all about. I do them intuitively–I make them up on the spot as we go along based on the energy and what’s going on for each individual.

My private sessions take this one step further. After a private session, you will receive a recording of your own personal meditation so that you can listen to it again and again. If you’re interested, you can email me at [email protected] to arrange a session. Here’s more information about my individualized support.

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