You Know What I Love?

I love being around people who are on a sort of a quest, pursuing a new hobby, a side hustle or doing something they absolutely love.

When people are actively pursuing living life with purpose, passion and authenticity, I feel happy, hopeful and inspired to do the same.

At different times in my life, I’ve tried to play it safe, to hide my dreams and desires even from myself. 

I’ve learned that playing it safe and ignoring my inner callings almost never feels safe in the end.

I started my career in public relations and marketing. But I wasn’t truly happy. After several years in the corporate world, I launched my own media relations business. Having my own business gave me more flexibility to explore that question:

How could I create a life doing what I love?  How could I share my real gifts? (And what the heck were they?)

In addition to my marketing career, I studied many healing practices–energy healing, life coaching, meditation, Reiki, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), TimeLine Therapy, Feng Shui, Soul Coaching, hypnosis, yoga, intuition development, the flow state, and spiritual healing.

After a near-death experience, my husband and I took three-month sabbatical and traveled around the United States. I interviewed more than 100 people we met along the way, asking them, “What do you want more than anything in the world?” and “What’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing?”

I was passionate about learning from others. I ultimately incorporated what I learned into a unique coaching process I called DreamCatching™ which I used as the foundation for corporate workshops and supporting individual clients on their quests.

Then we had kids and my search for living with purpose and passion seemed even more important and became much more complicated. Parenthood has taught me far more about myself, human potential, and flow than all of my professional certifications combined.

The more life experiences I have, the more respect I have for empathy, and the fact that each person has unique gifts, challenges and strategies that work best for them.

The truth is, living authentically is not easy, especially with the many distractions, responsibilities and challenges of everyday life, to say nothing of marketing messages constantly trying to get us to do the opposite.

I am constantly learning, and love sharing what I discover, writing as much as I possibly can, and finding new ways to create and support others.

If you are on a similar path of connecting with your own unique spark, welcome. I’ve created this space so we can support and inspire each other.

I look forward to connecting with you.

I would absolutely love to get to know you during my next 28-Day Flow Challenge. I continue to offer these for free several times a year because I believe in them so much, and they have had such a positive effect on my own life and those in this community.

I also love leading guided meditations designed to help you connect with your own innate intuitive wisdom. I would love to meet you during one of my upcoming free zoom/meditation calls. Join us!

Here’s more about my professional training and experience .

Nature Inspires Me

During my Flow Challenges, I often ask:

What inspires you?

What makes you feel more like YOU?

For me, the answer almost always has to do with creativity and nature. I love spending time with my family (and our puppy), hiking, being outside near (or in!) the water, and inspired by nature. I am constantly surprised, amazed and delighted by nature’s miraculous beauty.

Here is a rainbow my husband and I saw while walking on the beach. It wasn’t even raining! As you can see, it made me very happy! I often post photos of nature on Instagram feed. Here’s how to find me there.

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