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I’m so excited to announce my book Leap With Me: A Creative Path to Finding and Following Your True Voice is now available for purchase! If you’re ready to launch your own flow journey (a 498-page creative treasure chest, chock-full of 350+ quotes, poems, essays and prompts!) or have a creative friend, now is the perfect time to buy.

I’ve written this book to support you in trusting your own soft, still voice within. It’s full of reminders you that you have unique, special gifts the world REALLY needs.

This book is a personalized journey you can follow to get your life flowing in YOUR own unique way. 😊

Leap With Me is also available on (kindle and paperback) and

Allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

Here’s what others are saying about Leap With Me.

“The truth about our creativity!”

Leap With Me contains the truth about our creativity. Laurie shares her struggle and even mystical feelings about when and how this book was born. I know the truth and it is that we all have guides and angels who are here to teach us the way. When you let your thinking and intellect open to your consciousness and feelings, magic happens. So read on and be guided to your true self and know that when you leap, someone is holding your hand.”
who prefers to be called Bernie, is an International and New York Times bestselling author of 19 books including When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is, No Endings Only Beginnings, and Love, Medicine & Miracles. In 2018, he was named one of the top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet by the Watkins Review.

“This book is beautiful, one the world needs to experience.”

Leap With Me is a book I’ve been longing for. Reading it is as if Laurie’s soul is speaking to mine. I can see using it with my clients, especially with teens as they often feel (and get!) so much pressure to decide what they ‘want to do’ with their lives. Leap With Me can be a wonderful tool for them to learn the steps that come before discovering our life passion and calling, namely finding our FLOW! This book is beautiful, one the world needs to experience.”
is an educator based in Copenhagen, Denmark and author of Look, Listen, Love: A Parent and Child’s Guide to Emotional Freedom Tapping. Her work is focused on helping children learn and heal emotionally through the power of creativity, connecting with nature and animals, and emotional techniques like tapping (EFT).

“Skillfully supports others with compassion, wisdom and an array of effective tools.”

“Laurie understands how our creative energy lives within us and the ways in which we can steadily coax it out from where it hides and shape it into manifested forms. Laurie keeps a steady gaze on her own innate creativity and soul and from this natural inclination towards her own process, she skillfully supports others with compassion, wisdom and an array of effective tools.”
is a yoga teacher, therapist, and Creator of Yoga Nidra with Donna Sherman: Total Relaxation Practices for Adults & Teens and Host of the Sparks In Action Podcast: Uplifting Each Other One Action at a Time

“A perfect companion for your journey into flow.”

Leap With Me is a total delight to read and to experience! It is a fun and loving gift to all of us—those who consider themselves creative and those who don’t—to take that next step into the river of flow where magic happens, and life unfolds with grace and awe!

Laurie writes: “weaving our golden threads doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit” and she has illustrated this so perfectly – just enough to crack open the safe space to be vulnerable in sharing that which is yet unformed from the quiet place inside as it takes shape and becomes infused with a life all its own.

I highly recommend this book—it’s a perfect companion for your journey into flow.”

is Creator of Indigo Blooms and Indigo Circles, Intuition Medicine® Practitioner and Author of Your Moontime Magic: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving Your Body and Your First Moon: Celebration and Support for a Girl’s Growing Up Journey

“Her tender poems bring…tears to the surface.”

“Laurie Smith in her beautiful and soulful book, Leap with Me, guides readers on a journey of self-reflection and provides tools for getting unstuck. She tells us, “A leap is a positive step we take to honor, nurture, or share our True Self in a new way. When we leap, the energy of our True Self shines.”

Laurie gently challenges readers to embrace their true creative self with a wide array of prompts, like journaling, art/singing exercises, and meditations. Her essays are uplifting and healing in nature, and her tender poems bring productive emotions or tears to the surface. She is a gifted essayist, who invites readers to tap into intuition to find or rediscover joy in life.
I have followed Laurie Smith’s writings and courses for two decades, watching her growth as she supports us, her readers, to grow with her. She is both a positive and inspiring author who nudges her readers and students to expand their perspectives and embrace wonderful new possibilities and outcomes.”

June Cook
Founder of, a pioneer in the world of online learning, and author of the online course Holistic Prayers: Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit Through Prayer

Thank you for joining me on this journey! 😊❤️

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