A New Flow Strategy: Eliminating Friction

This past weekend, rain poured down as if the sky was crying its heart out. 55 mph winds knocked down trees, tipped over patio umbrellas, and sent trash cans rolling; it was a real temper tantrum.

Many years ago, on a similar rainy day, I went for a jog through the puddles and had the time of my life (see photo 😊). This past weekend, I was cuddled up under my favorite blanket by the fire, watching it from the inside looking out (still having the time of my life!)

Life is filled with unexpected rainstorms that we can do nothing about. Sometimes, we jump in with two feet and go with the flow. Other times, we get tossed about, plans get derailed, or we truly suffer. (With any luck, we eventually find the gifts, do some deep self-care or healing, and find our way to higher ground again.)

Eliminate Friction for More Flow

Lately, I’ve been thinking, there’s enough in life that causes friction, slows our flow, and distracts us that we can’t (or don’t want to) do anything about. Why not try to eliminate all those little things that we can do something about? (I’m talking about small stuff…that picture on the wall you hate, a dead plant, a habit that feels like no big deal but has bigger picture consequences.)

My Personal Flow Experiment

This “eliminate friction” kick wasn’t exactly started by me. Instead, it was a bad case of traveler’s tummy trouble that got it going. When I finally recovered, I realized I had gone for a week without sugar and caffeine (my two toughest addictions) and had already lived through the worse symptoms of the detox. 

As someone with lots of food sensitivities, I am currently in the process of very slowly and gradually (and PATIENTLY) adding in one new food at a time and seeing what happens. I have been absolutely astounded at how crafting a diet that is specific to me and totally eliminating anything that my body doesn’t like (even a little bit) is making such a difference on my brain! I feel SO CALM! (It’s almost as if our whole system cringes or tightens up each time we ask it to accept something that’s not good for us.)

Conduct Your Own Flow Experiment

We all get so much advice. The truth is, no one knows YOU like YOU. What if, instead of looking to others for advice, we just listened with curiosity, taking in all the information we can get.

Then, what if we gradually started checking that information to see how it does or doesn’t work for us (with LOTS of patience, curiosity and self-respect). We can experiment with eliminating those things (whether habits, clutter, relationships, activities, foods, substances, decorations…whatever!) that might be slowing our flow, and adding in things that might make our lives feel much more aligned with who we really are.

I don’t know about you, but this “figure out my own unique flow formula” is one I’m jumping into with both feet! (gluck, gluck 😂)

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