A Solstice Tradition

Happy Winter Solstice!

I love this time of year. This week is the Solstice, the beginning of less darkness for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Something our family has traditionally done as a Solstice tradition is asking ourselves:

What’s something that didn’t work well for you this year (something you’re done with and ready to LET GO)?

What’s something that did work well, or something new you would like to try in the New Year (something you want to invite in, a POSITIVE INTENTION)?

We write out these intentions privately, then when we are ready, we say a silent prayer and burn our answers in a fire.

Write Down Your New Year’s Intentions

If these questions resonate with you, perhaps you’ll take a moment to write down your answers too, and honor the whispers in your heart in some meaningful way.

Sometimes, our intentions are private and deeply personal. Other times, it can be especially powerful to be witnessed as we set intentions.

Share Your Intentions Below

If you want to share your answers in a loving community, please do in the comment section below.

Scroll down to add your intentions in the comments section…

Feel free to also use this space to also cheer each other on.

Happy Manifesting!

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