We’ve All Felt It

We’ve all felt it.

That unexpected joy and flow that comes in a quick, passing moment.

Perhaps we are in nature, feeling sunlight on our face, a light breeze on a perfect spring day or the splash of salt water from frothy waves.

That feeling that erupts when something hits our funny bone and we just can’t stop laughing.

The flow of our paintbrush, pen or guitar strings when no one is watching and we don’t care if they ever do.

The warmth of our heart overflowing when we hold a baby, cuddle our pet, or confide something that really matters to someone hanging on every word.

We’ve all seen it.

The bright spark in a child’s eyes as she’s playing, laughing, trying something new.

A musician or singer wailing at the top of her lungs, changing up her usual schtik because the audience is sending her a bigger, brighter energy back than ever before.

A teacher looking deep into her student’s eyes and connecting in a way no one ever has before.

The look between two people who really get each other, from the tips of their heads to the bottom of their toes.

We’ve fallen in love with it.

With the children who sing in voices so fragile, delicious, vulnerable and hopeful that it brings tears to our eyes.

With the artists who paint pictures on subways so vibrant and colorful and true that we can’t help but smile.

With the puppy who leaps through the field of grass to find that elusive ball then brings it back to her owner every time.

With women and men who move through life with so much uninhibited abandonment that we want to know them, be friends with them, do that too.

It can seem rare.

So sometimes we forget how important.

How powerful.

Or that we have it too.

Most of us are looking for it out there.

Perhaps we think we will find it under a stone.

In a degree.

In the right partner.

Or someplace.

Other than where we are now.

We forget how simple.

The single most powerful thing we will ever do.

And it happens in moments.

Moments of flow,

Moments of…













And generosity.

It happens in moments of letting go.

Letting go of what we think we should be doing.

What we think we need to be doing.

What we hear calling to us from out there.

It’s Hardly Easy

Yet completely possible.

It starts with a glance inward.

In that moment, when we hear our own voice.

Our true, inner voice.

That moment when we respond,

And give the greatest gift we can ever give.

The presence of our full, unique, authentic, loving selves.

And we remember

The real reason we are here.

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Photo credit: Billion Photos/Shutterstock

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