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28-Day Flow Challenge Starts SOON!

Are you ready to make a fresh start, and really get your life flowing? My Flow Challenges offer a simple process for increasing your sense of purpose, happiness, and reconnecting with your True Self.

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The True Self is that unique, loving, peaceful, creative, intuitive, joyful, egoless essence within. When you join my free Flow Challenges, you’ll also connect with a supportive community, cheering you on, almost like a free creative support group! You’ll also learn more about flow and how to make it work for you.

These free flow challenges are grounded in research. They include pop-in zoom calls and 15-minute LIVE meditations so you can meet me in person and connect with our creative community.

Here’s more about how the Flow Challenge started.

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How to Start Your Personal Flow Challenge

I would absolutely love to have you join us! Here’s how:

#1: Choose a Flow Activity & Intention

Choose a daily creative flow activity that brings you JOY, only takes about 5-10 minutes and easily gets you into a state of FLOW (ideally something you don’t already do).

#2: Sign Up For Emails

Sign up to get the daily emails. These help us stay connected and inspired.

They include a daily question, word of the day, and zoom links to the special meditations, for those who want to take their journey deeper.

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#3: Connect with our Flow Community

Check your emails for the zoom call links, social media links, and more ways to find each other.

(You can also tag me @LaurieSmith_inspired or follow #28dayflowchallenge on Instagram.)

We’ve had people from four different continents, from age 15 to 83, and our community keeps growing! New friendships form, that deepen through our free zoom gatherings. I always do these flow challenges along with you.

We support each other in experimenting and, like a supportive creative community or gathering of creative friends, we learn as we go. The synchronicities and group flow that happens between those who sign up each time has been incredible.

Make Your Joyful Activities Habits

I’ll be doing my own Flow Challenge too! We truly are in this together. It’s like a big personal experiment on how to get our lives to flow.

I can honestly say as a result of having a regular flow practice, I am more peaceful, connected to a sense of inner confidence, and my work has taken me in exciting new directions!

I hear this echoed by the others who have participated, over and over again. Check out some of their stories here.

Flow Leads to Synchronicities

Many of those who have participated in my flow challenges have restarted favorite hobbies, launched new businesses, a renewed sense of life purpose and meaning, and kicked off positive new adventures and chapters in their lives.

Something about doing this together, all at the same time, each in our own UNIQUE way is SO POWERFUL.

Why Is The Flow Challenge Free?

I offer my Flow Challenges for free, and keep doing them myself, month after month because I believe in them so much, and they’ve had such a positive effect on my own life, I want to share!

I’d love to hear how YOUR Flow Journey is going. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’d love hearing from you, and your thoughts about what works for you.

Ready To Find Your Flow?

So, here’s how to begin. First, ask yourself:

What brings you JOY?

What is one activity that you absolutely love doing? (Ideally one you’re not doing on a regular basis.)

What is one activity that helps you easily access a state of flow or have a flow experience–that zone where time seems to stand still and the rest of the world falls away?

What is an activity that is totally joyful, uplifting and affirming and you can do in about 5-10 minutes a day?

Sometimes we can’t think of anything. If this sounds familiar, check out this article on 20 questions to help you find your passion.

Doodling. Painting. Sketching. Walking in nature. Photography. Singing. Humming. Meditating. Reading Devotionals. Affirmations and Mirror-Work. Dancing. Juggling. Hula-Hooping. Yoga. Running. Cooking. Gardening. Arranging Flowers. Doing Puzzles…the options are endless!

There is no right answer. And there are lots of right answers for each of us. By doing one thing that really brings us joy and connects us with our creative flow, other areas of our lives often start flowing too.

Each time I offer a free Flow Challenge, it’s a little different. I tune into my intuition and the group to offer support, meditations and messages to help support you wherever you are at.

Here’s more about my journey with flow.

Our Flow Community ~ Miraculous Synchronicities

I believe when we lift each other up, we all rise. I also believe there is no coincidence you are reading this right now, and our paths have crossed, even if we have not yet met.

This creative community is something pretty special. We would love to have YOU and your unique, special energy as part of our collective journey together. All are welcome.

I am so grateful to all who show up to flow together. I always grow, expand and learn something new from you when we do.💞😊

Join Us!

Join us by signing up below. For more info, you can also email me at [email protected].

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If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

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