Our Family’s Turning Point

Newsletter Issue ~ Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Hi Friends!

This past weekend, our family had a turning point.

According to Google, the definition of a turning point is: “a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results.”

Before a turning point, life often looks very dark.

Then something happens and everything changes for the better.

Sometimes, the need for a turning point is dramatic, like life in danger.

However, I have learned that small turning points are important too, as they train us and help us practice for those times in all of our lives when things really get tough.

For us, it started with a dark, gloomy sky.

It is currently foggy season here, which often means day after day of thick, low-hanging fog.

The outer world looked dark and dismal. It was 60 degrees F and cool, a far cry from summer heat.

Our family sat around, each glued to a different device.

My muscles ached. I felt lethargic. Nothing was luring us away from our sticky cocoon of complacency.

At one moment, I actually started getting excited about cleaning out the basement.  Going through old boxes in an even smaller, darker space seemed like it would be an improvement.

We had originally planned for a family outing in nature. But when the time came, no one felt like it. We all felt so lazy.

It was almost dinnertime and the thought of another Groundhog Day-like family dinner, TV time then bedtime seemed so lame.

Finally, with lots of grumbles and cajoling, we peeled ourselves away from our couches and chairs.

We grabbed our sweatshirts, coats and layers and drove to the boat.

We left the puppy behind at home in her crate.

It was just the four of us, the setting sun and deep fog.

The bay was windy, cold and choppy.

But as we took off and hit the open water, something shifted.

We didn’t talk.

We didn’t play music.

We each just sat quietly, facing forward, letting the salt air flow between us, slowly awakening the good mood vibes that lay dormant.

White caps sprayed saltwater in our faces.A seal popped up out of the water to say hello.

A falcon hovered overhead, ready to dive down into the marsh for his dinner.

Inky darkness met the remnants of sunlight glistening off ripples in the bay.

On the way back, after just a short spin, we were chatting and laughing. We were smiling.

Something had changed.

How Do You Turn Around?

I’m curious about how this happens for each of us.

How do we each, personally, individually and also collectively, change our outlook, perspectives and actions to turn things around?

How do we go from feeling bad to feeling hopeful?

How do turning points happen for you?

If you’re experiencing a turning point this week or have lately, I’d love to hear about it. Email me at the above address.

A Poem for You

Last week, I had promised I would be sharing a poem.

This one is kind of related to our foggy Sunday, and the call that happens when we feel stuck:

Leap with Me Now

Thank you for reading, and for sharing this journey with me.

Wishing you a beautiful week of turnaround, miraculous moments.

With love and peace,

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